​Gospel Singer Levixone Nominated in Kenyan Awards

Once we are to talk about the most hardworking Ugandan musicians who have come a long way with success then we can not leave out Levixone Lala, a gospel singer who also just got nominated as the Best Eastern and Central African Artist of the year 2017-2018 in the Kenyan Awards known as “Groove Awards.”

Levixone got nominated a few days ago but this great achievement of his hard work and talent being recognized in the Kenyan gospel Awards has really lifted him up with alot of enthusiasm encouraging him to tell his life  story of where he came from and how far he has moved his musical journey.

“Am soo glad that this is coming to reality , I started music as a back up artist, backing up my brother mac elvis (rip) he introduced me to the stage with the likes of crystal fabulous who is a father in my life…. Backing up many artists I never believed in my self because I had fear, one day I took my song on one radio station and when these guys listened to my song they told me your music is not our standard I should go try out somewhere else wher they can play fake music but not there station . When I went back I told my fathers crystal and Mac elvis that I will never go back to a radio station am not a radio material very sad .crystal told me when your time comes nobody will ever stand your way don’t loss hope my son.” Said Levixone.

Never underestimate humble beginnings I bless Jesus that now am nominated as the BEST EAST AND CENTRAL AFRICAN ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2017 in the groove awards ….let’s vote and bring this home Uganda to vote ….. Visit Groove Awards website (https://groove.co.ke/)

Or sms “groove” (space) 26e and send to 811″  he added.

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