​Singer Full Figure blasts the Late Ivan Semwangas Critics

Singer Jennifer Full Figure has raised his sour voice to the public to express how sad she is to the populase questioning the late Ivan Semwanga’s death.

After the burial of the former Richgang boss Ivan Semwanga a few days ago, Ugandans started raising concerns about his death as many thought it was just a plan of dodging debts and cases that the late had to answer about money laundering and conning of non governments organisations of their moneys back in South Africa.

Media companies especially newspaper tabloids had a lot of views about Ivan’s death that raised concern to the Ugandans too.
‘The tukyakaale‘ hit maker has posted a video clip on her Facebook page attacking all those that questioned Ivan’s death and using heavy  and complicated vocabulary she has gone on to attack famous social media blogger Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng for being a gay and insensitive to the grieving.

Let us hope Father Lokodo will exercise his powers as the Minister for ethics and integrity to counsel Jennifer because she has expressed her disgratitude in a terrible way that doesn’t suit public consumption.

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