​Swedish Government to Depot Two Lesbians back to East Africa for Prosecution 

Pearl Kanyange and Lucy Murugi are lesbians staying in Sweden but according to the officials of the Swedish Migration Board, Pearl and Lucy failed in the government’s gay test and therefore, they are now being expelled back to their homelands – Uganda and Kenya – and to persecution and maybe death.

My brother has said that if I ever show myself in Uganda again, he’ll take my daughter, cut her in pieces in front of me and force me to eat them,” says the 30 year old Pearl.

Lucy and Pearl have been persecuted, tortured and threatened as they say they are homosexuals and need protection in Sweden but the Migration Board has denied them asylum with the same justification:

The sexual orientation has not been made probable“. Two of them are Pearl Kanyange, 30 years from Uganda and Lucy Murugi, 28 years from Kenya.

According to the Swedish Migration Board, a person has the right to asylum in Sweden if he feels well-founded fear of persecution because of his sexual orientation. When the person has applied for asylum, Migration Board makes an individual assessment of the asylum seeker’s right to protection. “The weeks before I got here felt like my days were counting,” said Pearl. The family was distant from Pearl Her plan was never to seek asylum. She moved to Sweden to live happily with her Swedish fiancee.

These two apparently met via Facebook and a forbidden love grew in the secret secret of the Internet. After months of intensive contact, the girlfriend traveled to Uganda to meet Pearl who concealed her sexual orientation for the environment.

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